QCSCM Advanced Tuition

Our aim is to cater for those who have a need for knowledge of and expertise in first year tertiary level mathematics.
For those with a Queensland background, the level of material is Mathematics B, Mathematics C and first year tertiary mathematics.

Our tuition consultants are all highly qualified with experience at university or high schools with impressive records of academic achievement.

We have standard tuition programmes, group tuition programmes and personal tuition programmes.
All programmes commence with a placement assessment test upon which tailored programmes are built.

Our activities include:
Presentation of a
second year Linear Algebra course at Queensland University of Technology in semester 1, 2004
Presentation of a fourth year (honours) course in Optimisation at Queensland University of Technology in semester 2, 2005 and 2009.

Send e-mail to qcscm@qcscm.com to receive our brochure.

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