Curriculum Vitae   Dr. John A. Belward,

19th November 2012

founder of the Queensland Consortium for Mathematics and Scientific Computation

Contact details:   e-mail  Web address:

Current activities and positions

Adjunct Professor,  
Queensland University of Technology.

Research Associate, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation, University of Queensland.

Current Research Projects

Surface fitting with application to plant architectures

Gradient Estimation from discrete function values

Functional Structural models of Macadamia

Mathematical modelling of digestive processes

Recent Projects 

Modelling protein recruitment and expulsion in endosomal systems

Stochastic algorithms for Optimisation.

A multidimensional integral equation - numerical solution by iteration based on physical arguments

Parameter fitting for the Climex software program

Teaching Interests and Projects

Investigation of the teaching of linear algebra to tertiary students

Co-authored two volumes on Senior Mathematics B with R.Boggs, K. Bolger, and R. Farragher.

Research Awards 

2010  ARC Linkage grant.  $440,000, 2010-2012  Partners  Prof. Ian Turner, QUT, Dr, Scott McCue, QUT, Dr. J Hanan , UQ, Dr.Gary Dorr, UQ,  Dr . G .Elliot, ANU,  Dr Alison Forster, Plant Protection Chemistry, New Zealand, Dr. Jerzy Zabkiewicz, Plant Protection Chemmistry, Nre Zealand, Nufarm Australia, Syngenta Crop Protection.

2004  Parameter fitting for the Climex software package   $10,000  CSIRO division of Entomology


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ISBN 0 19 550852.  

2. Mathematics for Queensland  Year 12B . K. Bolger, R. Boggs, R.Faragher, J.A.Belward.  Oxford University Press, Melbourne 2002,

ISBN 0 19 550853.

Research Papers

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Joint with Bell, M., Stimson, R., Shyy T-K., and Kastanis, L.

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65.   Water Droplet Movement on a Leaf Surface.Mathematics and Computers in Simulation
Volume 81, Issue 8, April 2011, Pages 1553-1571. Joint with M. Oqielat, I. Turner,  and S. McCue.doi:10.1016/j.matcom.2010.09.003

66.   Linear models for endocytic transformations from live cell imaging.  ANZIAM Journal, Vol. 52 (2010)  pp. C156-C171. Joint with  Kevin Burrage, Rohan D. Teasdale, Nicholas A. Hamilton 

67.   "Minimising wave drag for free surface flow past a two-dimensional stern" To appear in Physics of Fluids .  Joint with Osama Ogilat, Scott McCue, Ian Turner, and Benjamin Binder

Successful Higher Degree Candidates

1981 M. J. Flaherty "Time-frequency analysis of speech via modulated splines".

1984 S.H.Masood "Attenuation and propagation of axisymmetric stress waves through rubber cylinders"

1988 J.A.R.Ball "A dyadic Green’s function for microstrip enclosures"

1992 J.A. Young "On the optimal expansion of Electric Power Systems"

1995 M.Rezny "Aspects of High Performance Computing"

1999 Pamela Burrage "Runge-Kutta Methods for Stochastic Differential Equations"

2000 D.G.Mayer "Optimisation of Agricultural Production Systems"

2001 Monique C. Breslin "Mathematical modelling applied to long term climate analysis"

2003  Brian Eadie "Prediction of Rock Fragmentation under Caving" joint with E.T. Brown

2003  Cristian A.Baloi "Applications of Forecasting and Optimisation in the Australian National Electricity Market"

2004 Birgit Loch "Surface fitting for modelling the development of plant leaves"  joint with J.S.Hanan.

2009 Moa'ath Oqielat   " Modelling Water Droplet Movement on a Leaf Surface"  joint with I.W.Turner.

2011 Osama Ogilat    "Stern waves behind flat smooothly curved plates" (first draft revision).

Ph.D. Candidates Currently Under Supervision

2011 Daryl Kempthorne   
" Modelling spray deposition"

Personal history

Ph.D. thesis title: Forced Convection Problems and Some Related Integral Equations of the First Kind . Supervised by A.F.Pillow and V.G.M.Hart. Degree approved in January 1972. (An abstract appeared in Bull. Austral. Math. Soc., 6, 1972, p.471)

Positions held:

JULY 1959-NOVEMBER 1961. Performance Engineer for Joseph Lucas (Gas Turbine Equipment) Ltd., Birmingham. (Duties largely involved servomechanism analysis and analogue simulation of electronic and hydraulic aircraft engine control systems.)

NOVEMBER 1961-JUNE 1964. Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Aston.

JULY 1964 - JANUARY 2003. Lecturer (1964-1973), Senior Lecturer (1974 - 1993), and Reader (1994- 2003) in Mathematics at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

JANUARY 2003.  Honorary Reader, Advanced Computational Modelling Centre, University of Queensland

FEBRUARY 2004.  Casual Lecturer,  MAB312. Queensland University of Technology,  School of Mathematics.

 FEBRUARY 2004.  Educational Consultant , QUT.

JUNE 2004 - present time  Adjunct Professor,    Queensland University of Technology

AUGUST 2004 - MARCH 2005  Acting Director,  Advanced Computational Modelling Centre, University of Queensland.

JULY - SEPTEMBER 2005.  Casual Lecturer,  MAN771,
Queensland University of Technology,  School of Mathematics.

JULY - SEPTEMBER 2006.  Casual Lecturer,  MAN771,
Queensland University of Technology,  School of Mathematics.

FEBRUARY 2006 - present time.  Ph. D. supervisor (casual R.A.), QUT

Research Fellow,  Institute for Molecular Bioscience, University of Queensland.

SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2010.  Casual Lecturer,  MAN771,
Queensland University of Technology,  Mathematics.

JANUARY 2010  - DECEMBER 2010  Honorary
Research Fellow,  Institute for Molecular Bioscience, University of Queensland.

MAY 2011 - Research Associate, Centre for Biological Information Technology, and Queensland Alliance for Agricultural and Food Innovation, University of Queensland

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