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I've just finished (23rd November 2008) "My nine lives" by Diane Cilento, a famous film star, married to Sean Connery for some time and a Queenslander with famous Australian parents.  Because of her birthplaace and family it  was a very interesting read about many places in Queenslalnd I'm familiar with.

One of the best books I've read this year (2008) is  "A Long Way Down" by Nick Hornby
He has an interesting style of writing in which the thoughts of his characters supplant dialogue.  He treats serious social topics with an element of humour avoiding a completeley grim view of the world.

In January I read "Things I didn't know" by Robert Hughes.  It is a fairly frank account of his life, including the motor vehicle accident and his recovery.   Not everyone likes his style, but he is very articulate and for me very informative.

In february I read "A most wanted man" by John le Carré.  It was the usual le Carré espionage novel involving decent people trying to help victims of Islamic, Chechnyan, british, American and German  political manipulation.

In March I read Daniel Barenboim's book "Everything is connected".  I learned quite a lot about music and something of his feelings about Jews and Israel.  He feels deeply about the need for lasting peace  in the Middle East
Bridge I play at Toowong Bridge Club.  It is a thriving club with a great atmosphere.  Learners and experts alike enjoy playing there.  Not surprisingly it is one of the largest in Australia
Films  This year I have seen Changeling, Doubt, Slumdog Millionaire, You'll never know how much I love you, Gran Torino, The Reader.

Last year I saw
And when did you last see your Father?   a very moving film about the relationship between a father and his son.  Another good film was
 The Band's Visit a  film about nice gentle people, Egyptians visiting Israel. 
Then we saw In Bruges.  Apart from the beauty of Bruges the film was a  tale of three gangsters.  It had
a clever plot and a lot of nice humour. 
Language Is there another language which has the beauty of French?  Visit the Alliance Francaise afto find out about French in Brisbane.  And  the language reflects the culture of the country  as a whole.  It might be losing its character and individuality; the world would be the poorer should this happen.  
Along with France,  Spain has propagated its culture on a global scale and its language is international.
In Brisbane the Queensland Orchestra        qo      has a large programme of so-called classical music. 

There is a lot of music played at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music,  Griffith Universitycon conveniently situated on the South Bank southbankfor a pre-dinner concert on a Friday evening.
My main preoccuptations, as a spectator!  are with
the Brisbane Broncos,broncos

the Queensland   Bulls 

the Australian   cricketers   ca      and

Football (with the spherical ball).world game

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